How to Keep Your Metabolism Working for You
Metabolism is the process your body goes through to convert whatever you put in your body into fuel.  And, to run efficently it requires the right kind of fuel.  Your body converts whatever you put into your body to make new cells, to promote muscle growth, to promote new tissues and to help power up your organs. 
Your metabolism is determined by two things -how much you move and what you eat.  The number of calories used determines wheather you gain, lose or maintain weight.  To crank up your metabolism you must move more.  How?  Exercise more, walk instead of ride, clean house, garden, anything that moves you...
Food is the fuel that keeps your metabolism engine running.  Good food choices, eating frequently throughout the day equal efficent metabolism.  Bad food choices, skipping meals equal inefficient metabolism. 
Eating small meals every three to four hours will keep that metabolism burning, therefore, burning more calories.  It's really not that difficult a concept to understand.
Increasing your muscle mass is key.  As we age we lose more muscle mass-more quickly.  It's important to do weight resistance exercise to maintain and build muscle mass.  Muscle requires more energy than fat does. Not to mention that you'll just look and feel better than ever!
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