Liz Montes Fitness is located in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
We provide personal fitness training at our fully equipped private gym.
As we're not open to the public, you & I can concentrate on your fitness 
goals without interruptions such as waiting in line to use the machines or taking 

the time to plan your workout.
Your workout is already designed for you by an experienced Master Fitness
Trainer before you arrive.
You're in and you're out accomplishing what you've come to do quickly &
efficiently; the first most important steps to being strong and fit.


 If you cannot  come to San Miguel, you can train with us online!

Online personal training is almost like being at our gym: You will  receive the

same attention and guidance. The only difference is that your equipment may not

be quite like ours!; but do not worry, much can be accomplished with very little


Now you will be able benefit from the flexibility offered by an online personal

training program!

Contact me for more information on our online personal training:

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